Coke and Coke.

The Ruhr area in the 1950s.

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Nowhere in Germany leb (ed) so many people in such a small space. Many newly discovered and unpublished photographs show the people of the region pathos and up close at work, at leisure, in the allotment, the canal and in the outdoor pool, the beer and playing. Life between heap and steel plant, coal mine and slag mountain today a bygone world. Discover the area, above and below ground, the wreckage of the post-war period, the enthusiasm of the structure; feel soot, smoke and the heat of the blast furnace. This superb book offers a touching look at the region that the engine of the economic miracle was once selected from hundreds of thousands of photos, large format black and white and color and new ultra-high resolution technology.


320 p m. 300 photos from the photo archive of the Ruhr Museum.

31.7 cm.

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