Sustainable Materials with both Eyes open.

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The world target is to reduce industry's carbon emissions by 50% by 2050. However, projections are that world demand for materials will DOUBLE by 2050, so to meet our emissions target, we have to achieve a 4-fold reduction in emissions per unit of material used. The book presents a vision for change, backed by comprehensive real life experience. The book is based on scientific detail. But it's practical, not pie in the sky: everything in the book is backed by evidence and commercial experience. The solutions presented here are ahead of the game now. By providing an evidence-based vision of change, the book can play a significant role in influencing our future. The book is written for a popular audience as well as specialists, and is beautifully produced with full colour throughout. Professional readers it will appeal to include: designers;engineers;operations, technical, and business managers; marketeers;traders;government and NGO officials associated with business, climate, energy, environment, waste, trade and financing. The book is relevant to a wide range of industries: energy industry; the steel and aluminium industries; mining; construction; consulting; manufacturing; architecture. For readers who don't believe that carbon emissions matter, the same arguments apply to energy saving: this book is not about climate change -- it's about using materials wisely, and getting more for less.
2012. 373 pages. 19,5 x 22,3 cm.
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